I recently got my frets leveled, crowned, and a new bone nut.
The guitar is a Yamaha SG, pretty old, tunomatic bridge, humbucker pickups.
I'v got the pickups set very low down, as suggested elsewhere for the guitar.

It was given a semi-setup, intonation set, new strings, after this by the tech, but the action, compared to everyone else seems very high.

Very shortly, I want to restring (9's), and get the action at a normal level (at the moment it's 0.23" ish, or about 6mm at the 12th fret, low E, which doesn't seem right compared!

I'v lowered the bridge a few turns, got it so the action looked the right height... buzzing everywhere! So I gave the neck some relief, almost an entire turn of the truss later (did this over a couple of days) still buzzing, so I raised the action again, back to it's old high self, and tightened truss slightly, I'm still getting buzz on the higher frets (10th on wards, low E end).

If anyone can help, it'll be much appreciated- I'm not after a super low action, just average- very low actions make bending hard for me, as strings tend to get caught and jump out, making noise!

Should also add that atm the action at the 12th fret is much higher than that at say the 5th fret, it gets higher as I go down guitar.

Really all you have left to try is shimming the neck pocket to kick the pickup end of the fretboard up a bit compared to the nut end. That can get your action more even without actually changing the overall action. Other than that, some guitars just will not go very low. I've got a couple of lower end Ibanez guitars that average about 6mm. Any lower and you get buzzing. The lighter the strings, the more buzz you get. What brand of strings do you play? D'Addario are very flexible and buzz a lot as a result. DR Tite-fits are very stiff in comparison and buzz less. You have to find the right combination to get it as close as you can to where you want to be.
One other possibility is that when the new nut was installed it is too low, or the grooves for the strings are too deep.

I would try to find out what the correct height above the fingerboard should be for the strings near the nut end of the neck. Shimming the nut (between its bottom and the neck) should be possible. If the nut was glued in, you will have to be pretty careful when removing it - bone nuts can be broken and of course you can split the neck wood.

Once that end of the neck is set properly, you should be able to adjust the neck relief (carefully and slowly) and the bridge height to get a lower action. Note that you want the neck to be bowed SLIGHTLY so that string-to-fret clearance is higher in the center of the neck and lower at the nut and bridge ends. How much bow? Check Yamaha site, or perhaps some of the information here on UG.
I'm sure it's not the nut, as buzz occurs up and down, it's not the saddles, it's not the frets, it's a matter of adjusting the action I reckon... I think ima just spend the weekend taking a scientific aproach. My guitar WILL play well dammit!
Actually to me it sounds like a botched fretjob. It could be that the neck has a slight back bow but im putting my money on the tech doing a half a$$ed job on the frets. I did fret leveling myself with a 12" bastard file I got from sears and was able to get the action to about 4mm with barely if any fret buzz. If I was you I would take the guitar back up to the tech and complain.
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