Hey there, four lads ( I say lads, we're all in our 30's) however we are all stuck at the mental age of 25 I think!

Not gigged yet but have made substantial commitments both financially and time-wise so this is not a "phase" looking to play first gig around July?August time this year.

Playing Skunk Anansie to Muse to Cranberries, just covers at the mo although original material has been discussed and if you are that way inclined that would be cool.

All based in Andover, Hampshire. Rehearsing (for free) every Sunday from 7.30pm to 11pm and squeezing in another one at same time on Wednesdays as often as we can.

Couple of us have played in gigging bands before at a decent standard.

Message me if your interested and hopefully we could meet up and see what happens.