I'm currently recording a cover. I was hoping to find some help for my situation.

The song I am covering is "Can't Be Saved" By Senses Fail


The chorus seems to be one of those chanty vocals. How should I go about that? I'm thinking record it three times, then pan one far left, one center, and one far right.

Also, should I record everything twice, and then have the better one in the center and prominent, and the second one quiet and panned a little right or left? I am just trying to think of an idea to make my voice seem more powerful than it actually is... Whenever I try to do powerful vocals I make it too scream-y.

Any tips in general for mixing and editing vocals are fine too. If you know of any, please link me to articles, videos, or something that you have seen before and think could help.
Do a regular vocal take of the chorus.

then do 3+standing 5-10 feet away from the mic in different positions in the room and singing the part, then pan it across the stereo spectrum. You can try duplicating these and staggering them slightly so they sound bigger - or you can just do more takes and pan it all over.
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You could try taking different takes with different styles. (i.e. singing, chanting, shouting, talking, etc.) Basically just experiment is my advice. I do agree with chronowarp, though. Do his first. Haha.
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Can't listen to the song right now, but it's unlikely you'll be able to replicate a "chant" with only one voice, unless you can somehow control your voice to have 3-4 completely different tones at the same pitch. It just won't sound right.

You might get ok results with some harmonizer plugins and doing what chronowarp said, but it's going to be very evident that all the voices are coming from the same person. Those vocals are done in the studio with 3+ guys standing around a single mic and just yelling into the mic for a couple takes. Often times, the people will change positions between each chant, so that in the recording, it gives the illusion that there's many people spread out at different locations; which panning the actual take in your DAW doesn't always produce.
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