I have just a few questions, for those who are willing to help out!

I've had a HRDx for a while now, and I am moderately satisfied with it, to say the least. I just don't have the big bucks to go out and buy an all new amp. So I thought, why not modify? Now, I don't know too much about working on amps. So if any of the below doesn't make sense, then please, let me know what I am misunderstanding.

I know that I want to change the stock speaker. I was thinking either that Eminence Governor, or a Cannabis Rex. I heard the Cannabis Rex speaker is a really good addition to the amp, giving a full but dark sound. The Governor apparently is more like a V30, but with less bass, and a little more headroom. I understand how to do all that, but am I correct in my assumptions of those two speakers? I mean, of course you won't know unless you hear, but from an analytical perspective, does anybody have experience with those two speakers in a HRDx or even a Bassman?

The tubes are what get me! I don't know what the hell I'm doing, or even thinking. I heard that EL34's sound good in a HRDx, and was wondering if I bought a duet pair of Yellowjacket YJS converters, could I just, slip two EL34's in no problem? I would want to go with a pair of Winged C EL34's. I'd replace the preamp tubes with Tungsol 12AX7's, which my friend put into his amp, albeit he kept the 6L6's in the poweramp, still sounded pretty gnar.

I apologize for the long read, I would just like to know if my idea for the poweramp tubes could work, or if I'm way off in the way I think it all works. And the speaker situation, someone has to know!

Thanks for your time!
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Have you seen this site yet? http://www.justinholton.com/hotrod/ It's got a lot of info about modifying HRDx and Deville amps, Although I don't think it has been updated in awhile.

I'm also curious how the EL34s will work out, but I've read on the Eurotubes web site that the EL34 low end is not as prominent as on the 6L6s. Of course, this could be what your after.

If your looking to darken up your amp, I would recommend a set of JJs. I bought a complete JJ retube kit for my HRDx III and I'm pretty pleased with it. I went with the 6V6s instead of the 6L6s so that it will break up at lower volume. The amp sounds a lot smoother now, especially the drive channel.

I've also thought of replacing the stock speaker with a cannabis rex. Anyone here ever try this combination?