You'd need to get a new bridge piece. I don't mean replacing the bridge entirely, I'm talking about the thing that the strings are resting on. A bigger piece will increase the action of the guitar.
That's not really high for a classic guitar. The only option you have is taking is to a luthier he can adjust things in the neck that will decrease the string hight as for sanding down the bridge, the strings are already low down there so don't mess with it
Well no.. classic guitar necks have no truss rod and hence get affected by humidity more than other guitars so your guitar's neck might have a bow that is making the action high, but sanding down the bridge barely makes a difference so get it checked out. If the neck is really that straight you could be a dealing with a cheap guitar which was set-up to have such an action.
Ok thanks, the guitar is a takumi. I don't know the model there is a sticker covering it. I can make out T......S . Is it a good guitar ?
Well all I know about Tukami's is that they're quite old so if you got it used the guitar might have been put through some humidity so get it set up.