Instead of three new threads per day asking us "which guitar should I buy?" -I thought we could approach this in another way.

All of us own guitars. Some of us own several. I love all of my guitars for different reasons, but find myself playing a few of them more often than the others. Why? For the sake of this thread, I'd like people to stick to stock (or mostly stock) guitars that people could find if they want to play/buy one. Hopefully we can help each other make some choices without asking the same question over and over again.

Here are three of my favorites at different price ranges, all of which you could buy today. Please add your own

Epiphone Masterbilt DR500M $430
Spruce/Mahog. Despite owning several more expensive and enviable guitars, I play this guitar more than any other -it sits in my lap or on a stand when I'm home. Why? Well, the action is perfect, the tone is damn good (particularly the bass and highs), and I don't mind if it gets banged up a bit compared to some others I own (it doesn't have to live in a case). I find the neck on this guitar to be as comfortable or more comfortable than any other guitar I own - btw I have very long fingers. I bought it for practice and travel and it has served me very very well for the past few years. It has been put through a lot and has stood up well. As I've said here before, lots of people have played it, and all of them liked it.

Larrivee OM-03r $1300
Spruce/Rosewood. Being an OM, the wider nut on this guitar gives you some room to play around. I mainly finger-pick and like using this guitar when playing African leads and rhythms (Ali Farka Toure and Lobi Traore type stuff). I played a lot of different OM's before buying this guitar, including some much more expensive (i.e., Santa Cruz Guitar Co.) hanging right next to it. I bought the Larrivee because I liked playing it the most immediately upon picking it up (note; the rosewood version). The neck profile is very comfortable, the action is perfect, and the tones are lovely across the board (bottom, mids, and highs) - and getting better with use. I am guessing that Larrivee's will be getting more expensive in the coming years.

Martin D28 $2300

Spruce/Rosewood. Dude, it's a Martin D28. Painfully articulate tones (you will get away with nothing). Rib rattling projection - literally. Craftsmanship, Heritage and Quality. Spontaneously eye-watering, lonely soulful songs have their inspiration in this guitar and it's brethren. The finest sounding and playing guitar I own (and that is entirely opinion).

Others i currently own worth mentioning:
1953 Gibson J-45/50
1979 Guild D25 (died spruce top)
1978 Takamine F340s
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My favorite acoustic I own is my Yamaha APX 500. It's also the only one I own, but I really do love it. To my ears, it stands up to most acoustics that I hear, and for the price, it really is worth it.
hmmm... tough one. i guess the one i go to most frequently is my Ovation 1778T(the gray one, not my red flame one). i love the ease of play and the neck that feels like silk under the palm of my hand. it's deep bassy tone is great for the music i love to play.
second would be the red flame 1778T. its a USA made one and has more sustain than the gray.
third i guess is a toss up between the Ovation c2078-RTD and my Taylor K10ce. both lend themselves well to fingerstyle more than strumming chords. pretty sure i like the taylor better but the O is tougher, i have no fear of scratching or damaging it.
I'm in the preocess of negotiating for a beautiful 2008 Taylor hot rod. its a grand auditorium style with florentine cutaway. deep deep black color that you can almost see a parallel universe thru. the soundhole and neck have spectacular flame patterns on them. that'll probably end up on the top of my list although, i'm not sure of its sound as i've only played it for a few minutes under the scrutiny of its current and original owner.
blueridge br-341 - great tone, lots of resonance, plenty of bass, wide comfy neck. good presence, clear highs and mids. small comfortable body without being too small, 24.9" scale. i've played much more expensive guitars in the same and similar sizes, but this guitar holds its own. i can't believe how good it sounds, especially for the price - i cherry picked this one out of 15+ blueridge parlors and many other small guitars up to 00's over almost 2 years, and it was well worth the wait.
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Love me ibanez cause it was my first, great action. The ovation just kicks ass, rock solid neck, unreal tone n killer looks.
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I don't own a lot of "real" guitars, but I have quite a stable of cigar-box instruments...

My current two commercial guitars are:

Taylor GS Mini. I bought this because I needed a small guitar because of my wonky shoulders. Can't wrap my arm around a dread anymore.
I also had 500 bucks to spend.... The Mini is about perfect. I both flatpick and play fingerstyle, and the little guy handles both very well.
Lots of oomph out of a small box. It's a very "unadorned" instrument, nothing fancy as befits one of Taylor's least-expensive guitars.
They have just come out with a Mini with a mahogany top.

The other is a "Roque" resonator. This is a cheap (3 bills) Chinese-made resonator with a brass body. I was crossing my fingers on this one, but I couldn't be more pleased. This is a great starter resonator for someone who doesn't have a National budget.
Looks great and sounds good. Some folks talk of replacing the resonator cone in these with an upgraded item, but I see no need; sounds just fine to me stock.
Martin 00-18V

In my younger years it was mostly dreads and jumbos for me, but when one of my kids had shown an interest when he was young, I bought him a cheap but decent 3/4 size all mahogany. Not exactly stellar tone but I did find it fun to play on which led to me getting the 00 Martin.
Spruce top, mahogany back and sides, ebony fretboard, modified V neck and 24.9 inch scale.
Tone is light with excellent clarity and medium volume projection. Great for fingerstyle blues, folk, and Celtic.

Greg Bennett TMJ 17 CE Blackbird (Sammick)

This one was a complete surprise. I had no intention of purchasing a guitar that day, but the shop owner who knows me well, had just got a couple in and convinced me to try one. I was immediately impressed with it quality, tone, and playability, I had to have it.

Sitka spruce top, solid maple back and sides, rosewood fretboard, bound neck. Lots of bling on this one, pearl block markers, abalone purfling.Slimlinecutaway with Fishman electronics.
Very good well balanced native tone with quite a bit of projection for it's style. The best quality and tone that I have ever tryed in a guitar in this style and price range. About $550

Martin HD -28.

So much has been written about this famous model that nothing more needs to be said.
I'm the only player to be sponsered by 7 guitar companies not to use their products.
hey blackie !!! can you post a coupla pics of that blackbird? i'd really appreciate a shot or 2 'real" pics. that one sounds interesting. i have a sammick ASDM that surprised me also.
Ha, the last camera I bought uses 35mm film and I'm not very adept when it comes to audio / visual as it pertains to computers, but maybe the next time one of my kids comes overs I'll have them take a pic and post it. At least the kids are brigher than the old man.

I use it when I occasionally play at one of the local watering holes, not only do I like it, but other guys that I have played with were all impressed by it, and unlike me, most of them are real musicians.

My only minor complain with it is the shallow C style neck profile (think stats), great for electric guitars where you use very little pressure to fret, even though it set up with perfect action and plays easier than most of my other acoustics, I find it tires my left hand if playing more than a couple of hours.

There is only one unplugged Ytube example that I could find - not the best quality but at least you can get an idea of the tone -
I'm the only player to be sponsered by 7 guitar companies not to use their products.
I love love love my spruce top mahogany backed tanglewood. Absolutely beautiful sound, like angels!!
My Seagull Entourage Rustic ($300). Because it's the only one I own

For me, it was the best-sounding/looking/feeling guitar under $500 in my local GC.