I have recently bought a Blue bluebird condenser, it sounds good i like it especially for vocals but was wondering if there is a similar mic for the same price that is better?
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Better is such a difficult term to define - it's subjective.

Another good vocal mic, although it's "new" price is a little more than your $300 is the EV RE-20. This mic works well in other applications, too.

i think you have made a good choice with the Blue. I use one at work and for the right vocalist it works rather well. for $300 bucks it is hard to find a great Condenser mic. If you are looking for another vocal mic in that price range the RODE NT 1 is alright but it can be rather bright. If you are looking for a workhorse mic to record a bunch of different things, i would suggest a Senn. MD 421 . They retail at $379 dollars new but I bet you could find one cheaper online. The are Dynamic and sound great on Guitars, Drums, Bass , etc... not the best Vocal Mic but it has a great sounding Mid Range and Low end sound. It also has a bass roll off so you can dial in how much low end you want. I hope this was helpful.