Hello there,

I'm really frustrated. I can't seem to achieve a tone, that I'm looking for. and I tried everything. I need some more input from you guys.

I'm trying to match the tone from Slipknot's song "Before I Forget".

Here's what I'm looking for (starts at 0:10)


It's not very hard to achieve a rough version of the tone, by matching the EQ.

Here's what I've done so far:


So far so good. If you listen, you'll notice that the basic sound of the distorted amp is pretty different. There is so much more life and definition in the original version. The transients of the original are way more present. The whole thing sounds bigger and brighter.

How do I achive that tone?

Here's what equipment he used during the recording of the song (pretty sure):

The original guitarist, Mick Thomson, uses a Rivera Knucklehead with Celestion G12T-75 speakers and a Randall Iso-Cab. His guitar should be a mahogany body strat type guitar, with EMG-81 pickups. It might also be that he used prototype versions of the Seymour Duncan Blackouts.

Although it sounds pretty heavily overdriven, I think it's more of a crunchy tone. Otherwise this kind of clarity wouldn't be possible in my opinion.

I believe it's the signal chain before the amp. Any ideas, what pedals might add some definition? Any super secret producer hint? Parallel compression? Mixing of different amp settings? Did I miss any groundbreaking recording rule? Equalization before the amp?

Any advice would be very very nice!

Thanks for your time

To get that exact tone you use all the exact same gear and processing that was used on the record and also play exactly the way the guitarists did.

Not to be a dick, but there's no magic recipe to perfect tone matching; EQ matching is about a close as you're going to get. For all intents and purposes, that tone you match is perfectly fine for a cover. To get the match EQ closer, make sure you're using the same AMP sim and settings as the person who matched the EQs, unless of course you made it yourself, then disregard this.
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Yea like Odirunn said... To get an exact record tone you have to play through the same gear and process it the same way which is well pretty close to impossible. Your tone sounds really close. I could hardly hear a difference. Just keep EQing. Thats about all you can do
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*sigh* I know I shouldn't, but it's so hard not to...

Wasn't there a rule on UG banning 'How do I get _____ tone" threads? Isn't there an official "how to get _____ tone" thread in one of the other forums (probably Electric Guitar or GG&A) for the exact purpose of people asking these questions instead of clogging up all the other forums with repeat threads asking the same question just a different song/tone in question?

This is why I'm starting to dislike this trend of 'EQ matching' and patch-sharing amongst people, because it appears to be discouraging the art of using your ears to find the tone.

I'm afraid I'm probably too grumpy for this kind of thing, but I really think this belongs in another forum section at the very least. Won't report it in case I'm in the minority.

Edit: In fact, you went to the effort of uploading it to YouTube so I'm guessing this thread is an attempt to generate views, as I wouldn't dream of uploading something unfinished to YouTube.
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you guys seem to completely missunderstand me. I'm not looking for a way to do a perfect EQ-Matching. I'm trying to optimize my signal chain before the cab.

Of course I know that you'd need the exact same gear. Even further... you'd need the studio from rick Rubin to achieve the tone.

It is so unbelievably sad that the ultimate-guitar forum is so weak, when it comes to helping people or even reading treads completely.

Could somebody please proveide some information on how Mick Thomson designed his signal chain? As I suggested maybe due to EQ-setings before the amp? Stomp boxes? anything else?

And please... No advice on how to do EQ-matching. As th creator of ToneVampIRe, I already know a lot about that!

Thank you
Yep, that's what I was afraid of... But in the end it worked out. The key is as simple as obvious. I raised the EQ in the 2 kHz area with a Q of 0.70 octaves for roughly 4 dB. This gave me a shootload of more clarity.

Now just to add some smoother distortion...