I would of just added this to my thread I made just an hour ago but it was closed.
Anyway, I am going to be playing in: A D G C E A
So what gauge should I use?
For drop B and below I'd definitely say .13s as a minimum. .12s can get fairly loose on the lower strings so they're not as good for getting tight riffs. Having said that, I have always preferred thick strings, I use .12 flat wounds for standard tuning
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low A?!?! You might as well play a bass.

I do.

Which is a good thing because I'm already used to thick strings.
I'd just buy a regular 7-string set and don't bother using the 1st string. It'll mean using a wound G which is a little odd for electric guitar, but if you want to tune that low then you'll need a wound G anyway to keep that sounding decent.
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D'addario and elixir, my 2 favorite string companies (mostly elixir) have baritone strings. You could use those and tune them down to A. I actually do that sometimes...
I wouldn't use anything lower than 13s or 14s for that. But then again I use 11s with a wound G for Eb standard.
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i accidentally bought some ghs boomers zakk wylde low, the 6th string is .70, a bit 2 munch even in drop C and on a 24.75 scale it has more tension than .10 on 25.5 they have grown on me though