So I was taking the strings off of my guitar when all of a sudden, the nut completely snapped off of the guitar. I play a Takamine GS430S acoustic guitar. Is there a way I can put the nut back on with glue or something or should I completely replace it?

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I don't know much about guitar repairs, but you don't seem to either. It's probably cheapest to take it to a guitar repair shop. That way you don't have to buy a whole new instrument and you don't risk further damage through attempting to repair it yourself.
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Nuts aren't always glued on.

Are you sure the tension of the strings didn't always hold it in place?

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nuts are almost never glued in. if the nut isn't broken in half, just put it back and restring as normal. you can put a single drop of white glue under the nut if you want it not to come off to easily.
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Did it actually break or just come away in-tact? If it's the latter, just put it back. The tension of the strings will hold it in place. If it's the former then you will have to replace it.
Normal, as Patti says. Many are simply held in place by string tension.