Rickenbacker bass thread.

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Sure they have a very good reputation, but are they really worth their high pricetag?
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They are very nice and sound very distinct .If you look at other high end basses you'll find Rickenbackers aren't nearly as pricey as some.
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Didn't you already make a thread asking about Ricks a little while ago?

Anyways, are they worth it? The answer is yes, if that's your thing. Rickenbackers have a very distinct look, feel, and sound, and since Rickenbacker's legal department is so gung-ho about threats of litigation, copies tend to be short-lived and rare (and going up in price, especially old Ibanez ones). Thus the easiest way to get that Rickenbacker sound and vibe is generally to buy a real Rick.

They're high quality basses, and I wouldn't be surprised if new orders were backed up, but there's plenty of 4003's and 4001's on the used market for somewhat reasonable prices. If you're after a rarer model though (4000, 4008, 4004cii, etc.) you'll probably have to spend a bit more time looking, and most likely a good bit more money.

They also tend to be love-it-or-hate-it basses. Opinions tend to be pretty polarized, either people love everything about them, or they can't stand the way the feel and/or sound. So in judging whether they're worth it or not, you should decide if they're a good fit for you. Try before you buy, but they're definitely worth it if you're a fan.
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I played one a year ago. Did not like it.
I also told the owner of Hartke that I didn't like his amps.
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If you like the sound, then Rics are fabulous basses and worth the price of admission. But they really are unique, tone-wise.
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Well, they're worth a high price tag, but not as high as what they are. As trying one out and seeing my brother try one out, I wouldn't really rate them to be around 2400 euros. Around 1800 euros, sure hell why not, cause most of that quality basses are pretty much 1500~2000 euros. But if you think that the tone is really unique, as it is, and that you like it, you don't really get it from any other bass.
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Sadly, they don't make that one anymore.
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