Hey guys,
At the moment I've got a shitty turntable with built-in speakers and a cd/cassette stereo thats also pretty bad. I've got loads of vinyls from my dad, tons of CDs and just got 162 free tapes from my dads friend today! But they sound pretty crappy on my stereo..

So anyways, I want to get a decent sound system for myself with some nice monitors but I have no idea where to start. Preferably I'd like a system that plays vinyl, cd and cassette. I need a point in the right direction to begin my quest for good tone so I need some info on price, models, different, makes etc. Can someone help me out or link me a site that could help..

Inb4 what you really need is a new amp

Nah man, I'm pretty happy. I've a Blackstar HT40