Punk rock tune I wrote a while back. Revisited it recently and made some changes. Pretty teen angst style. Thoughts? Open to suggestions on the title as well.

We're throwing lit matches and you're spilling gasoline
Any kid who's seen a Hollywood movie knows this is a bad scene
Waiting on the gas leak to settle through this vacancy
I might be able to make an entrance but you were always best at exits

If this all you wanted then you could have just said
This is the best you'll get from me after everything you did
And you know I tried to make it better but you just didn't care
The only thing you ever gave me was the drive to get out of here

Ashes line the floor like rays of scattered coke
Except the high never comes and your lungs just fill with smoke
Waiting to be saved but I've been known to stray
And I always feel worse after you've had your way


But that's all just aesthetics
I never meant to let you down
I'm not trying to be so dramatic
But by your hands I'll never drown