I am thinking about buying either a Electro Harmonix holy stain pedal, or a holy grail plus. Which one is more worth it?
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I'v heard good things about the Holy Grail pedal. Haven't used it myself, but everyone I know who has loves it.

I've also heard good things about the Digitech Handwired reverb pedal too.
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The holy stain is a rather bad pedal. The HG+ is all right but there have been a lot of pedals out in the last few years that have a lot more to offer tone- and feature-wise.
The TC Hall of Fame and the Digitech Hardwire come to mind most readily.
thanks for the help.I am not getting any pedals until this weekend, so I'm still happy to hear more people's views
Yeah, you should be looking at the tc electronic hall of fame reverb and the digitech hardware reverb. Both are good sounding reverbs.
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