the very few there may be on here

I noticed there wasn't a tab for Cocoon yet so I tried learning this song on bass by ear quickly.
Does this sound alright? I apologize for 1) the bad sound quality 2) the awful buzzing of my bass (it's a thunderbird, they tend to do that) and 3) the awful sounding high note. It's at the very end of my fret board so I have to bend the note at the last fret to hit that final note.

Does this sound accurate (save for that horrible high note) or am I off?

Yeah it sounds like you've got the riff and the key right, but I think for the first note you need to play the note you're playing and the octave below it simultaneously.

Also, I only just made the connection between your username and björk :P
No prob. I've always thought some of her songs have some pretty nice bass parts, and the tone in Cocoon is pretty cool too.
Yeah, I can't imagine the middle bits will take too long now you've got the main bit down. If you want, give me a shout when you're done and I'll have a look over it
Awesome! Thank you again =]

I think bass is such an important factor in the majority of her songs, especially on albums like Vespertine and Biophilia, where you miss a huge portion of the song if you don't have a sound system with good bass.
Yeah definitely, it's because a lot of her music is so minimal but the elements of it are spread out across the frequency spectrum. Cosmonogy is a pretty good example I reckon.
I've actually got an essay and presentation to write on Biophilia for uni and I haven't started it yet, so thanks for reminding me to listen to some Björk haha
No worries haha
You're definitely right about her music being so minimal but so deep. Just the amount of depth she got from an album made up of mostly voices is astonishing.
Alright hopefully I did this right. I just found some guitar tab program online and made this quickly, even though it's meant for bass



I'm not sure that it's that high, it sounds like this to me:


I could be wrong though
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That was really something man.How long have you been playing?I listened to it like six or seven times and everytime I discovered something new!!!You ate absolutely right about deep and minimaliat..Like going to the dentist.
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Captain-I tried what you said and it sounds a bit off. Different tuning/my bass is out of tune?
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