There is this big metal festival going on in April and me and a friend really want to go. Problem is we are from Philly and really don't have that much money. I suggested that we camp some where. The closest campground is a 6 hour walk away from the venue. Now I am thinking that we might just camp in some nearby woods.

Anybody camp in an Urban Setting before? Anybody ever pitch a tent in the city?
sleep in a box or dumpster in some alleyway somewhere!!
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Anybody ever pitch a tent in the city?

Yes, yes I have.

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Never pitched a tent in a big city, just small towns that I've been through. I have spent the night trying to get to sleep on the stairs in front of a classroom once.
Urban Camping???

Isnt that just a fancy way of saying your homeless? I am sure millions on hobos consider them selves "urban campers".
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There's a couple wooded areas near where I'm going but they are by schools and residential areas.

Is it going to be on the weekend or a weekday? Where I live you can go somewhere and spend the night there, then in the morning a ranger will come and be like "Ya'll have to clear on out of here in the next hour or I'm giving you a ticket", and you clear out and then you're fine. Most of the time they don't even come back to give you a ticket.
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Urban Camping???

Isnt that just a fancy way of saying your homeless? I am sure millions on hobos consider them selves "urban campers".

Came in here to post basically this.

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Yes, yes I have.

Damnit. Beat me to it.
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5 days from Thursday night to Monday. During the days we are going to be at the concert venue from midday to midnight.

What's the venue?
One time this urban camper bought me and my friends beer, then he expected us to drink it with him...
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That could very well be illegal depending on where you are. Check into the local/state laws for that kind of stuff. It may be harmless if you don't litter and you leave it like you left it, but you could still get in trouble.
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The Palladium in Worcester MA. Like I said me and my buddy are from Philly, so it's definitely a big risk.

I see. So it's a club and not a big outdoors festival. Does one of you have a car? It's far more comfortable sleeping in a car than it is in a tent tbh
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Nah but I'm used to camping outside. I don't know about my friend, but he is usually into anything.

I was gonna make a gay joke, butt fuck it.
Dude you realize The Palladium is right in the fuckin middle of Worcester right? Its a decently big city so actually camping in a tent is gonna be pretty hard.
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you talking about Maryland Death Fest? my friend went like 2 years ago and likes to claim he "lived the squatter lifestyle" because he slept in his car, on the sidewalk, and on a hotel roof.