I've finally decided to record a few covers, and I want to start with That Which Erodes the Most Sacred of Things by Black Dahlia Murder, which is in C tuning. I did a few trial runs today and one of the things I noticed was that a lot of the riffs that use the lower notes came out kinda muddy because the bass is tuned down pretty low. Are there any tips for making it come out clearer, or is it gonna sound kinda murky no matter what just because it's so low?
you can boost the lower mids but in all honesty there isn't much you can do for it without the right tension on the bass
To go along with the subject of downtuning, I am about to string my jazzer BEAD any opinion on these?



For the British in the audience, D-addario chromes are my usual purchase, but these are $49.99, whereas the Ernie Ball are $39.99. Both are 5 string flat wounds, only difference is the D-Ad is .132, and the Ball is .130.

I've used Ernie's on guitar due to them being the cheapest set of 10-52's common to all stores, but never bass strings.
What kind of bass are you using? What size speaker are you using in your amp? How's your eq done? New or old strings? etc, more information is required to really work out the issue.

As far as setting up a bass for lower tuning, my Squier P goes down to C with no dramas, relatively old ernie ball power slinkies on it, bass, low mids and treble between 2 and 3 oclock and high mids between 9 and 10 oclock, going through a 15" speaker. My bass, (other than the strings) is stock standard, and I've never touched the truss rod since i got it serviced and set up for standard tuning and I get as good definition as I need with it.
Muddiness when detuning is almost always due to setup issues and having too light a string gauge. Get heavy gauge strings (110. should do for C) and set up your bass to accommodate.
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My advice would be to get heavier gauge strings like .110 or .105. Make sure the strings actually fit in the nut when you do this. It sounds kinda obvious but I have firsthand experience with that. Also let the strings acclimate to being in C standard. They may sound muddy when you first change them but once the bass sits for a while, the strings get used to being in a really low tuning. My bass is currently in drop C and I can put it to drop B with no problems now. However, if you get heavier gauge strings, try not to keep the bass in standard for very long. You could warp the neck that way. You will also have to work on your left hand endurance as well. You have to get your left hand used to pressing down thicker strings.
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