Hi There,

EQD Hoof Fuzz vs. BE Musket Fuzz.

I'm on the fence about which of these pedals to get, as they both sound great on the YouTube clips. I heard that the Hoof is relatively quiet for a fuzz, but I was wondering about the Musket. I've heard it produces a lot of white noise - Is this true?

-Major Bludd.
ROFLMAO That was YOu in that video? I've watched in a half dozen times before I even posted! Great comparison, BTW. And great playing also.

Can the Hoof get good near-Distortion tones as well as fuzz? And can it emulate a Fuzz Face as well as a Muff? Or at least get close?
I've owned both as well and I was supremely loyal to my V1 Musket Fuzz. It's a little noisy, but the versatility I got from it was unmatched by anything I've used. I found my Hoof too "woofy" on most settings. Where I could get the Musket super tight and more like a high gain distortion. One of my favourite lead pedals ever. I just recently sold it because I am getting an NYC muff modded to do musket and tonebender toanz. haha.

But you should try them both. Even the Pharoah and make a decision if you can.