Hi guys,

I bought an Epiphone LP special 2 with the Epiphone 650R and 700T Humbuckers which came with it.
Is it worth changing my pickups to the the ones found in Epiphone G-400 which is the Alnico Classic Plus Humbucker. I kinda like the chrome looks of it. but performance wise, is it anyway better than what I have? cause, I don't want to go and change it and in the end its just the same.

Thanks a lot.
I don't really feel like that's much of an upgrade. I think you'd be better off going for a pair of after market pups if you really wanted to make the change. While you're doing that you might as well change the rest of the electronics too.
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you should change your sex...
but seriously if your going to upgrade you might as well throw some burst buckers in there and make it sound like an actual gibson
Thanks for all the comments and recommendations. I think I will just save my $$$ for much better worth of upgrades. Thanks!