Hi guys, wondering... is there any way to use the Boss Metal Zone MT-2 Pedal at the same time as a BOSS GT-10 Effects Processor? Muting the GT-10 when the MT-2 is running and vice versa, muting the MT-2 when the GT-10 is running?

Can't figure it out.

You have to take them out to a nice dinner. Ya know, let 'em get to know each other first.
Knowing the GT-10, it's willing to put out on the first date, which is good.
Once they're done, take 'em back home, and have the MT-2 stick his patch cable from his output jack into the GT-10's input for some fun sexy time.
After that, let your guitar join in for a fun three way. Have it stick it's cable into the MT-2's input. This may make the MT-2 seem like a slut, but I assure you, it's fine with it.
After that, have the GT-10 stick it's cable from it's output into your amp's input for some sweet, sweet lovin'.
Then just turn on the MT-2 when you want distortion, and turn it off when you want clean.
It can't be done. The tone will be too amazing if you do that, so a safety feature built into the boss range prevents it.
Have you tried running the output of the GT-10 into the guitar input?
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Once you get that figured out, I think you should try the Digitech Hardwire TL-2.
IMO, sounds much better than the Boss MT-2.

Nah, he should try a 6505 instead.
....serious answer:make a patch on the gt-10 where no effects/modeling are engaged and use it with the mt-2.
why you would want to do this, idk but thats your call.
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Put it in the effects loop, the assignment to turn everything off can be done.
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