I'll admit that I wasn't sure if this post might be better suited in the 'Theory and Composition' section, but I figured over here in this section.

Regardless, I've been experimenting with playing in different keys (everything I write ends up being in Em). This in mind, I thought it'd be fun and try and write something. I came up with a short piece, but in my opinion it feels like an opening to a song, rather than a premise for one.

I wanted to know what you think of it as well as any ideas as to where to take it musically. I feel kind of stuck.

It's listed as "Acoustic Idea" on my page. C4C if you want it.

LINK: "Acoustic Idea"
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This is beautiful. Very well-played. Great natural acoustic tone. I can actually imagine this hitting hard with searing electric-work, fast-paced drums, and thundering bass riffs; Progressive Metal feel is what i'm getting from hearing this. After the acoustic intro tune comes to a close, I imagine the drums kicking in real hard and dual guitar leads mimicking the acoustic melody with some heavy rhythm guitar progressions backing those leads.

Hope that helps at all.

Critique for critique?
Really nice, and well recorded too. I'd love to hear it developed into a full song. I am struggling to hear it as part of a fully acoustic song though. I would say that if you wanted to keep it all acoustic the melody would have to get a little brighter as the piece progressed.
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