You use the pick for one string, then your middle finger for the other string. Finger picking obviously gives out a softer sound than using a pick. Therefore the string which is picked will always give out a louder noise because you are hitting the string harder, therefore the sound made by the strings will be unbalanced, therefore it will sound bad. Right?
I wonder how it would sound if you just pluck the string softer with the pick?
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Not at all. Just because notes sound at different volumes/harshness levels doesn't mean it sounds bad. It's a matter of what you're going for and adjusting your technique accordingly.

It's usually done for small finger-picked passages in songs where the player elects to play the rest with a pick anyway. Or as a way to sound chords with more emphasis on certain notes.
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Good thing I now know it is impossible, who knows how long I might have used it if I had not heard it from TS.

What everyone else says, dynamic control of both pick and finger and you're all set
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Finger picking obviously gives out a softer sound than using a pick.

No, it doesn't. In fact usually the problem is that the finger picking is louder. If you want to execute this technique well you have to work on dynamic control... just like with every other technique. That doesn't make it impossible.
Hybrid picking is definitely possible. You can get the same volume with or without a pick. All that really differs is that there's an audible pick stroke with a pick, and if you really want that, there are finger picks that you can buy. Or just let your finger nails grow out a bit and clip them to a point like a pick. Problem solved.
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Dynamics as in picking softer and finger picking harder to balance out the sounds to be plucking both strings equally as intense?
A few options.

One is a compressor pedal, which will even out the volume.

The next is a lot of practice to get your pickings really strong.

The next is to pick with your finger nails, or develop a hard callous, so its a bit more like a pick.

Finally, they dont always have to be the same volume.
Many of Horror by Biffy Clyro, I use hybrid picking(I'm too lazy to get the pick in the middle of the song) sometimes I try nothing else matters like this eheheh.