So my Band Cold Blooded Theory always closes out our set with our strongest and most popular song Charlie.

while 90% of the song is very good show wise theres a couple segments where the show is somewhat lack luster most notably the fast section in the beginning after the first breakdown

and what makes it worse is the beginning has so much energy that the fast section suddenly becomes a let down to the audience

heres a video of our last show (best one in a long time btw crazy crowd response and they treated us like celebrities)


as you can see it gets kind of boring once the song gets moving

anyway what do you suggest for the fast sections in terms of stage presence?
links to bands making fast parts look awesome would be greatly appreciated
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If the fast parts are hard for the musicians not to screw up they should stay as is. It'll be up to the vocalist IMO, if you want more movement on stage.

To be honest though, the performance seems fine. Movement, crowd interaction etc. pretty good. No complaints here.

we never really have problems with moving and playing cleanly, we just dont really know what we should do during fast parts.. its difficult to choreograph those sections.
I cant watch the video sorry but I can say if your doing some technical part, stage presence isnt exactly your first piorty.
On stage my first piority during techical parts is making sure the guitar doesnt fall off me and I don't pull any leads out, second piortity getting the song right.

During simple parts I can headbang and jump and climb up things as much as I want.

Obviously your singer will have his hands not as full so he can run around the stage and make hand gestures or whatnot to keep the stage presence up overall.
Good old rapid headbanging looks pretty cool, or having your head down and doing over the top hair flips could work.

I enjoyed the song! I'm not that big on tons of breakdowns but nice job playing it. If the members get up in peoples faces that could bring some energy too
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we never really have problems with moving and playing cleanly, we just dont really know what we should do during fast parts.. its difficult to choreograph those sections.

Ahhh where to begin, always love critiquing

There's nothing wrong with putting a foot up on the monitor and playing away, the problem arises when you disconnect yourself with the audience. Take a look at the part of the video your talking about...what is everyone doing...looking straight down at their guitars....Heads up!!!. If your going to get right up in the audience face, you need to be addressing them, not just standing there and looking down. If your going to do that, and the band doesn't feel comfortable playing without looking at their instruments in faster parts like that, they need to back up and let the frontman do his job and take over.

As for the frontman, again, it's eye contact, he's doing a good job for the most part moving around. Head up, he's staring at the ground half the time! Address the audience, address the audience...address the audience!!! I honestly don't know where all these local metal frontmen get this idea of grabbing the mic like a dick and going down on it...It's unprofessional and just looks downright stupid. Look at any of your favorite professional metal frontmen and tell me if they stare at their shoe laces or are they staring straight into the audience.

And just loosen up a little ya'll look a little stiff at a few parts.