I have a Fender Stratocaster that my mom bought me when i was 16 for my birthday. She got it from a pawn shop and it was already used and the parts were old and then i had it for 6 years before the input/output jack finally began to give out as well as the volume and tone knobs started to be touchy. When i decided to change out the parts i also decided to dive into a customizing project that has been going on for 3-5 years now and is still not complete lol. I sanded off the clear coat finish and primered and painted my guitar black and then clear coat finished it. The clear coat "orange peeled" and also had "runs" in it so i decided to sand that down and start over. while i was sanding it a really interesting paint job appered and i love it the way it is. Now comes my question......i am trying to clear coat finish my guitar as is and i am on a very cheap budget......so for now i have to use clear coat spray paint from a can. i would like to know what the best process would be to help finish my guitar and make it beautiful again. attached is a picture of my guitar as it is right now. thanks for any help you guys can provide.
Paint Job.jpg
You're going to get some orange peel from a can no matter how good you are at spraying.

When you've sprayed and let it dry, you then want to flat sand the clear until it appears matte - there should be no glossy dimples on the surface. Then you grab some fine cutting paste and polish from an auto store and buff/polish back to a smooth, glossy shine.