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hello fellow forum dwellers, i am here to tell you that i occasionally am unable to take my shoes off before i go to bed at night, this often leads to my feet becoming sweaty especially during sexual activities. At the moment I plan to take off my jeans before I take off my shoes for the next 20 years of my life, as I believe this will up my standards. Another reason as to why I choose not to take my shoes off is because am terrified of seeing my own feet, the last time i checked i had plants growing out of my toenails, and I really couldnt be bothered watering them every day. The low amount of light should kill the plants, however they are beginning to emerge out of my shoes.

Anyone think this is normal?

Thanks for your time
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Anyone think this is normal?


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Another reason as to why I choose not to take my shoes off is because......

seeing as you are from Liverpool, you only take other peoples shoes off
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