I'm super skint and don't know whether I'm going to make rent in the next few months month (being a student), please help me out by buying everything I don't need for live stuff with my band.

Voodoo Labs ISO-5 PSU
Comes with box and all the cables.

Pedaltrain Jr w/ softcase
Comes with velcro on it and some for sticking your pedals on, cables ties, mounting brackets and box.

Tym Fuzz Munckin
This is a limited edition clone of J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr’s live fuzz pedal. Reverse engineered from J’s original pedal and built here at Tym guitars by hand it is endorsed and used by J. These are electronically exact clones of this famous pedal and uses the exact component values and transistors as is in J’s original.

I can't justify having a $300AUD pedal when I don't know if I can afford rent, gutted to be getting rid of it, but it's only used at home anyway Comes with the medium t-shirt if you want as well.

All of this is available for collection in Bristol, or posted.

Laney AOR30
In the process of re-tubing this at the moment. Getting a new amp for my birthday and borrowing my band mates until then. It's a JCM800 with an extra switchable gain stage and 6v6 output tubes. Just a brilliant workhorse that is built like a tank.

Available for collection in Bristol, or can meet somewhere for petrol money. Send me offers, thanks.