So I'm looking at starting my first project. I've never attempted it before because I never felt comfortable messing with my gear in case I bugger it up. Anyway, I've acquired a Yamaha EG112 from the Mrs and its time to lose my modding virginity.

I already know what hardware/paint-job I'm going for, my question is about the decal/sticker on the headstock. I've looked at a couple of online places and their stuff is either crap or not what I want, so I was thinking,

a) does anyone know of a company that will turn an original design into a a transfer/sticker? and...
b) could someone who is a wizard at this kind of thing maybe come up with a few designs for me?

I play mostly hard rock and a bit of metal here and there, It'd be cool if I could somehow incorporate my initials (JB) into the design. So I'm thinking Some kind of 'classic rock imagery', JB with a snake wrapped around it? Skulls? Bones? Barbed Wire? Smoking pistol/shotgun? Lightning bolt? Wings?

As for colour, the simpler the better, the guitar will be stained white with a black scratchplate & hardware so something to complement that.

If someone could throw some ideas together or point me in the right direction it'd be much appreciated.

Cheers guys