I've been using my dads Tascam DP-24 Multitrack recorder for years now, but will soon be done with college, and will then be moving out, so I'll need to get a recording system of my own. I'd like to get something that will allow for similar quality recording, and allow me to record at least 2 tracks at a time.

The easy solution would be to just buy my own DP-24, and would be willing to spend around a grand for that and some descent monitors. However I'd like to save some money if possible, and I already have a copy of Cool Edit Pro. I'd still need a mic preamp, USB interface, and some monitors.

I'd like to hear some opinions as to which route you would recommend. I know next to nothing about interfaces, preamps, or studio monitors to know how much I really need to spend to get myself going.

The computer I'd be using is a Compaq with windows 7, a 2.2 GHZs processor, and 2 Gigs of Ram.
If you wanted to stick with Tascam, try the 2488. I have the MkII and it does an excellent job, it can record up to 8 tracks at once and has all the effects and mastering capability most people would need.

You don't say where you are, but if you're in the UK the latest version (NEO) can be bought new for £649, but there are always used MKIIs on ebay (and I believe most people say the MkII is actually the better unit), I got mine for under £300 including delivery. That would leave loads of money for the extra kit you'd need.
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