Hi I play in thrash / death metal band and have checked out a secondhand triple rec solo head(2001) in a local music shop. The other guitar guitarist in my band uses a dual rec. The triple costs £1100 and comes with a power converter as its a US import. Is this a good deal?
yes do it, the mesa triple rec is an awesome amp, perfect for thrash and death metal.
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The effects loop has been converted from series to parallel.

It the other way buddy, the 2001 rectos had parallel loops stock. If it was modded its now series. But do it, it even seems like a fair price for a mesa in europe
cheers for the confirmation guys . I bought it and gave it a blast in band practice and its a beast. I must admit I was worried about using a triple when the lead guitarist uses a dual rec but it seemed fine at practice so alls good.