Hi. I have got a dual rec mess boogie and a isp g string decimator g string. I plugged it through a effects loop but it just does not seem to be doing anything at all. I've tried it on a triple rec and still nothing. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?
Depending on what kinnd of rectifier, theres a goodchance itll have a parellel effects loop. So you hve to adjust the mix levels as well as send level. But on a side note noisegates arent ideal for parallel loops due to the nature of how they work. Serial loops is what youre used to and expecting and your rec can be modded to that but that involves opening up the amp and voiding any remaining warranty by modding the corcuitry. But from wht ive heard its a simple and doable mod
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But from wht ive heard its a simple and doable mod

IIRC, it just involves unsoldering 1 cable and soldering it to another location.

Mesa actually has a how-to schematic on how to convert the parallel FXLoop to a series on their website.
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