We have 4 songs uploaded, one being an acoustic version of our first song, and I'd appreciate some feedback, particularly aimed at the acoustic and non-acoustic Rise and Shine, to judge the transition between styles, but I'd also like it if you ranked the songs in order of your favourite, and why that is. We're starting to write again now, after a break after having finished these recordings, and it would be useful to know where our strengths and weaknesses lie.

Thank you all in advance, and, as the title states, I will C4C
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Acoustic first,

Nice guitar riff, voxs seem louder than the guitar, not really bad thing.
Lyrics are good and well written, the singing is flat at times but gives a raw broken edge to the performance.

Full band;

Vox are still a touch too loud but overall this is the better of the 2. This version has more energy about the track and has a totaly different vibe to the unplugged version.

Both are well worth a listen again.

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I like the riffs and the feel of the full band version a lot more than the acoustic version, just fits the song far better. The vocals almost remind me of ozzy, its weird, but really cool. There are some areas where I thought the vocals sounded a bit off, and I thought the drums sounded a bit boxed, but other than that, I enjoyed listening to it. Ill pass it on to some people I know who dig this style more than I do!!

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