Okay, first off, the reason I posted it here is because I need serious answers and I didn't know where else to post this other than The Pit. Lord knows how that could go.

Anyways, I just bought the M-Audio Fast Track with Pro Tools SE. The problem is, I simply can't get Pro Tools to play back what I record. Sometimes, there's multiple errors, sometimes there isn't and I just get no sound at all. Any tips? I forgot the error names, but I'll edit them in when I get them again.

Also, I occasionally get it to play back what I record, but it happens less often than not. I'm running Windows 7, if that makes any difference.
Ditch Pro Tools SE and upgrade to M-Powered or PT. SE is a load of shit in the world of Pro Tools
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Usually in this sort of situation, the output device probably isn't set to the output of your FastTrack (assuming your headphones/speakers are plugged into the output of it)

If not, download the latest audio/asio drivers for it, because they make a world of difference

This isn't specific advice to your gear because my set-up is cubase and reaper based but it might help you

good luck