Do they make any RSE engines for instruments other than the guitar, bass and drum engines. For example keyboards or something like that. If there are any, could you give me a link?
I don't think so. If you want better stuff check out stuff like VST or Reason Refills.
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Get GP6. And by get I mean "get".
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GP5's RSE sounds horrible. I can't understand why you'd want more, unless you're into Sonic Youth or something.

It's true, it's better to just use MIDI.
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I'm betting Arobas knows the answer to that question.

And you could ask them, if...you know...you actually legally owned the product...

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I've heard of people changing the "instrument patch" field to something else, and using a vst or sound library other than the default midi, or something.

I like midi though. Not only does it sound clean and sterile and easy to ignore, whereas RSE sounds muddy and obnoxiously bad, but you can't trick yourself into thinking an instrumental part is good when you're actually just appreciating the tone. If something sounds good in midi, you've written a good melody.