Looks like all it really needs is a new nut which is like $8 for a good one. If you can talk the guy down a bit then I dont see why not.

Of course that is if all the electronics work.
It also needs a new tuning machine and possibly a new pickup selector.
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if you plan on selling it after you buy it I wouldn't waste my time. if it's not a big name brand resale usually sucks. unless you can find someone on CL. plus you don't know the condition of the pups or how straight the neck is. sounds like a nightmare to me.
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Cort used to make some fantastic models, I'd say talk him down and if you can get it for around 60-80 out the door, do it. Definitely could use a new nut, a new tuning head, and a good clean. Looks like it is missing a pickup selector as well. If you can get it in playing order for under 150, I'd say you have a chance at getting at least 200-225 out of it. I had a plain black 7 string by cort and managed to sell it for 275.

They play very well.
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