the guitar it gibson SG GT, it's limited edition. The tailpiece was made only for that series and AFAIK, you can't really get it anywhere. Only thing i can think of is getting it custom made somewhere.
i have no idea really >< it would be definitely more expensive than a regular bridge, but it shouldn't really break your bank, since it's just a shaped piece of metal. You'd probably need to design it yourself though. They could take the shape and dimensions from the visible part, but you'd need to decide about the rest (like how would the strings be caught in or if it was solid piece of hollow, etc). The great thing about this though would be that you could have it different ^^
idk if your simply going for the look of it or what, but there is a bridge that is gonna look somewhat similar to it that you may be interested in. the name of the company is "evertune"

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ah right then cheers would a custom made one be really expensive?

to get a one off made like that, your looking at least $200 and probably more since you only want 1 and not 1000.

You could try contacting Gibson and se if you can get one that way.
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oh thats expensive i was thinking maybe just getting a bass bridge cover for it instead which would look pretty simillar
It looks like a version of the Evertune Bridge; possibly an older model or something meant to do the same thing. If it is an Evertune, it works wonderfully but it costs a fortune and your guitar needs to be routed to accept it.

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You're right. The string slots looked like the Evertune tension arms. Anyway, that is just something special that Gibson did to make the SG/GT look like a sportscar.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
ah right then well looks awesome i thought it would hard to find cause i'd never seen one before but thanks for your help