Hello All,
I'm looking for a reverb pedal at the moment. Any suggestions based on my current set-up and my tonal goal?

Current Set-Up:
MIM Strat -> Tube Screamer -> Big Muff Pi -> Boss DD-20 -> Blackstar HT Stage 100 Head -> Marshall 1960a Cab

Tonal Goals:
Range from Explosions in the Sky, Circa Survive, Mewithoutyou

The two I'm looking at the most are the TC Electronic Hall of Fame and the EH Holy Grail. Thanks for your help!

Nice gear dude, I use the Boss reverb and it works great, you can't beat the durability of Boss for the price, but honestly anything will do, its just reverb, you can pretty much get the same sounds from any pedal if you set it right
If you can find a used boss rv-3, that's what EITS use. It sounds good for those kind of reverbs. Also, the tech 21 boost rvb is cool. When I saw This Will Destroy You, one of their guitarist's had one and it sounded awesome. I also like the line 6 verbzilla. The cave mode is awesome for huge sounding reverbs.

I'd get one of those 3 unless you can save up for something like a strymon blue sky or eventide space
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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I have the Hall of Fame, and it's amazing. All the reverbs use the same algorithms that their rackmount processors use, and sound just as fantastic.

A lot of people go for the RV-5 for the modulation mode. If you're fond of that sound, the Hall of Fame has a toneprint called "Big Room with a View" that was made to copy it, and it does an incredible job.

For what it's worth, I've compared this to a Strymon Blue Sky, and the TC reverb definitely sounds better. The Strymon has a few neat tricks, but the TC is the way to go unless you really need the favorite switch or the shimmer mode.
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