figuring out strumming patterns has always been my weakness... I been tryin to learn this song for awhile now, and i keep trippin up on the chorus cuz i cant figure out where the next chord starts, or how many time the chord itself is being strummed. It just really knocks me out on my ass.
Could someone figure it out and let me know?
and these are the tabs. The song is Moon the water (full moon sway) by the dying breed.

thanks for any help
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I know this isn't me helping you (or what you probably wanted) but strumming patterns will come to you. The more you play, the more you'll be able to hear one and then figure it out. I'd say at about 8-10 years of consistent playing you get to that point. I've been playing for 15 and can pretty much nail them within 1 listen.

Also, this will totally help you. Get a piece of software that will slow the song down so you can slow it down enough so you can hear the individual strums. I use transcribe. If a song is really fast with alot of stuff going on, this never fails... trust...

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