Does anyone know of a good online retailer that does a no credit check payment plan system like American Musical Supply? I've done a lot of business with AMS over the years but they don't carry the guitar I'm looking for(see below).

Thanks in advance!

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Check out www.sweetwater.com they have a payment plans and financing. They dont have the S470 but for the same price you can get a S570 which is basically the same guitar only different finishes
Thanks, but Sweetwater does a credit check and thanks to a divorce my credit rating is shot to hell, lol. =(
Zzounds will do it without a credit check if it's under a grand I think
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AMS and ZZounds are the only companys that do a payment plan with your credit/debit card. I know of no other sites that will do this. They are great sites, but do have a limited selection when compared to other online retail sites.

Sweetwater will do a lay-a-way on the guitar you want. Or you'll have to go old school and just save the $$ you neeed, or do a layaway at a local store.
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