Well, this is a big day for my band (i.e. me and a mate who never gig because we overdub everything). Never before have we had vocals on a song from someone who can sing!

Essentially, we recorded a track and this girl liked it so much she asked to sing over it. We let her.

Please be aware that the vocal recording is shoddy. It was recorded on a PC mic (or maybe even a phone) and emailed over to us. It does distort.

But try and look past it. I am proper chuffed with it.

Your song has potential, I like it Of course vocals have to be recorded properly, but she has nice voice and the instruments are recorded decently. As for the composition itself, everything is solid, wise composed, though I wish it was longer. Overall it's fine song and I hope you'll record it properly some soon, if yes please let me know, I'd like to listen to it.

Cheers and if you have some time
I hear occasional clipping, but otherwise the instrumental audio quality is mostly good. The vocal audio quality is not flawless, as you mentioned, though having distortion on vocals on pro recordings is not terribly unusual. The ending is abrupt. I am more impressed overall with the instrumentals, though the vocals do add to the song. Interesting reverse sounds. The song itself is good. The singer reminds me partially of Shirley Manson (from Garbage) and partially Saffron (which is a compliment in my book). Please review my music at this link: