I've had my guitar for a fwe weeks, and have had no real issues. I recently bought Rocksmith and have been trying to start the game. I had my volume all the way up and could barely get past the first part and took an obscene amount of picking to get it, and I could barely get 2 strings tuned. Is something wrong with my electronics or is there an adjustment I need to make?
http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/151-Rocksmith Try looking here. Plug into an amp and see if you have the same low volume problem there, if so then its your pickups or electronics. If not that its something wrong with your game or console.

If you dont have a amp then download guitar rig or amplitube and asio4all and plug your Rocksmith cable into your comptuter.
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I can hear the notes through the speakers, it just isn't picking it up. I'm using the ps3 version.
Take it to a mal and pal store I'm sure they wouldnt minde you plugging in to a amp for a few seconds
I got it about 90% by pushing the pups up as high as they'll go and still be playable at 21. It works fairly well just taking time getting used to timing etc.