I have been having a very frustrating problem recently. Several months ago my band started practicing in my residential basement. Thats not the problem though. Around that time my Fender Deville started acting up. My clean channel started getting pretty muddy. So I changed the tubes and took it to a shop and they changed out some transistors. It still had its problem so I just left it alone and used my frontman 100 until I could get a better rig. That amp was having troubles too, even though it'd been fine for something like 6 years. So I ended up buying a used blackstar HT-100 (which I had been eyeing for a while) and a used Marshall cab 1960a and setting that up. Which was a lot better but still had just a little bit of crunch on the clean channel. Amazingly, the other day my other guitarist was playing through my deville and it sounded just like my old amp! So my latest theory is that with everything running during band practice, (found amps, a mixer, a pedal board, etc...) that my amps aren't getting enough power to be clean. Does that make sense? If so, is this hurting my amps if I just tough it out 2 nights a week? Thanks for your answers.

how loud are you running your amp at practice versus how you usually have it set?
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Highly unlikely.
Maybe you have a dodgey guitar cable?
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