Try them both and pick the one you like best.

The '96 is a nice looking guitar.... great color and condition. It is a top-loader (traditionally teles have string-through body), and modern 6-saddle bridge. My personal preference is the traditional 3-saddle string-through bridge. I would pass on that one for that reason, but that's not to say you wouldn't like it.

Is the other one a MIM (Mexican made) too? If it is US made, that would be a VERY good deal, if it is a Squier (Korean or Indonesian) they are asking way too much, if it is Japanese, a good deal... I'm assuming it is MIM.

Which one is the better deal? They are both priced about right for MIMs... maybe a little on the high side. Expect to pay$250 for those years, give or take some.... up to $325 for an exceptional one if it has a hard case. Deduct $25 if no bag or case. Those are general ball-park numbers. I would try to talk them down some.

Prices for used Fenders are going up some because of price increases for new ones. Used teles seem to hold value a little better than strats just because they are harder to find.