I need someone who has theoretical experience to tell me a few topics to study and the order to study them in to really give me a good understanding of what I'm doing. I have the complete idiots guide to guitar and it is just completely retarded to me. Maybe I'm the retarded one but the book is just hard to understand. I just don't trust my approach to it. I need someone that has really picked through things and know what they're to help me get to the important things that will really help me excell. A few good answers might get me on the right path.
Plenty of experts on these forums.
Ask away
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I'm by no means an expert, and I haven't read that book, but if you'd like, feel free to PM, tell me the topic you are studying and your doubts, I'll try and help

You could also look for Sean, he offers mentoring services, both paid and free I think
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If you want some Skype lessons, PM me some info you want, and we can talk it out.
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I would say:
1.) Rhythm
2.) Intervals

And everything that falls under the interval tree: scales, melody, harmony, chords, and such. It also depends on your experience/skill level. If you are an experienced guitarist looking to apply some advanced music theory to your playing, you'll want to study more advanced things. But if you are a beginner learning guitar, I wouldn't worry too much about music theory at all. You'll basically just want to learn chords and basic music theory
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The Complete Idiot's guide is written by Fredric Noad I think. He usually explains very well. For a humorous expedition the Dummies one is written by Jon Chappell... both are decent. Fair enough that Noad is more classically trained. Seeing as I haven't gone through it in a while, maybe his terminology is still traditional.

Anyway... plenty of guys here to help you... post your questions.