Hi UG. For the last year+ I've been developing a social media guitar startup

Unfortunately, despite pouring my heart and almost every minute of my spare time into the project, it has failed without much to show for it. D'oh. But I'd like to tell you about it and see what you think with the hope that someone may be interested in picking up where we left off or incorporating some of these ideas into existing outlets.

So, hi everyone - long time forum lurker, long time enjoyer of UG tabs, first time poster. These days I play a new-ish olympic white standard strat (i.e. 'excalibur' from Wayne's World) and a 1963 Kapa Continental through a Vox Tonelab and bigass speakers.

Social Fretwork was essentially an attempt to improve two characteristics of the online guitar community (1) the disorganization of resources across many sites, and especially across multiple media e.g. text and video and (2) the lack of guided interactivity.

The whole shabang can be found in great detail at our manifesto website, complete with wireframe images, full justifications, technical notes, and even potential revenue strategies. I invite you to check it out:


Most importantly, I'm really interested in what you think. This is essentially being released as an open source idea, and we'd love for people to build it further by adding their thoughts and suggestions. We plan to add notable contributions and discussions into the framework. There is a simple forum dedicated in the website for providing feedback and encouragement to anyone who might want to pick this up now.

If you'd like to keep up with what's going on with this project, please follow us on facebook and twitter .

Thanks much for humoring me, and thanks especially to the people behind UG. You may notice there aren't any comments and not many followers yet. That's because UG is the first place we're posting this to out of respect for their work and your contributions to the guitar community. For all I know the developers here may be interested in taking a look at our ideas and implementing one or two. There is included some criticism of the current landscape of guitar resources organization and tab sites but it is generalized, not specific, and I hope it's taken constructively.

All the best,
Matt & co
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