Hey guys,
So I've been in a real Queen mood lately and hearing that Brian May often uses a treble booster for his solos/playing got me interested as it's a pedal I don't have. I *am* a quite trebly guy myself in my playing and looking up some reviews etc. on youtube I hear it can get a guitar to sound pretty cool and nasty (at times, in good ways). But I wonder if people use it as a rythm pedal also, not just for soloing. I don't think I'd get much use for one if it's *just* for soloing.
Of course you can get one and try it and make it work for anything as any pedal, but in general I mean.
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A treble booster is similar to an overdrive in that it is primarily used to both brighten up your amp and also to tighten up the low end, all while pushing the front end of your amp harder. It'll tend to emphasize the treble and upper midrange as well.

It works best on "dark" sounding amps, but it is pretty much the old-school equivalent of an overdrive pedal. They are versatile pedals, however, and will work as good for rhythm as they will for taking your tone to the next level for a solo.
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I recommend doing the Brian May switching mod to a three pick up guitar, with the neck and middle pups on and out of phase you can get very close to BM's tone with full gain, and a little chorus. I do this all the time and it sounds good enough for the neighbours to comment on it so I guess its not too bad...
Brian May doesn't ever switch his off. In fact his current treble booster doesn't even have a switch and is mounted to his guitar strap. So yeah it can be used for rhythm and even cleans.
Thanks for the info guys. Sampy - that's cool, I had no idea.
I guess I should've mentioned this in my first post but I forgot: I do play a lot of classic rock stuff (well, my own, but it has that sound). Currently I use a boss overdrive sd-1 and a dyna comp compressor. I have 2 guitars, one w/ humbuckers, the other a tele.
But I didn't know that the treble boosters were similar to an overdrive.....would that mess up my sound with the sd-1 pedal?
I only use the dyna comp when I play my tele though, so I don't think I'd use it there.
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