Long story short:

- In a 3 man band
- We write songs, do gigs, and do this for about 5 months
- We enter Bamboozle's Break Contest, move unto Round 2!
- Bassist decides that the band is moving to fast for him
* Bassist leaves band to study at a community college for one semester, ONLY. (Here's the kicker, his life goal is to become a professional musician, and no, he's not studying music )

Problem - It seems the drummer and I have exhausted all of our possible options with regards to finding a replacement. We asked friends, band friends, friends of friends, friends of family members, craigslist, UG's Musician's Classified section.

It seems that no one is willing to fill the spot either because of scheduling conflicts, or they don't want to be full-timers. And the ones who offered to join part time, are in 2-3 other bands, and can only rehearse 2 days a week, at most.

Maybe it has to do to the shitty quality of the demos on our FB, but they were recorded when we JUST formed the band, with shitty software. The songs have changed a bit since then, and we've definitely gotten better as musicians. Good enough to get to round 2 of the Break Contest

Round 2 for the contest is at the end of March so we REALLY need to find one.

But what else can we do? HELP!

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
Go all white stripes and do guitar/vox and drums? Find a keys player maybe? Session players cost too much

Also, this thread has the same name as mine...
I'll wish you good luck, because I think thats about the best I can do.
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other than going without the bass, i'd try posting wanted ads at all of the music shops, venues and coffee houses
You cant find ONE person, to play bass for a night? haha that sucks man, but if worse comes to worst, just do drums and guitar! maybe play to a bass track, or get an octave pedal (depending on your music)
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Use the best part-timer available. Pick your man ASAP and start practicing. If they're good they can learn a set (~30 minutes?) in a month easy.

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Thanks for the advice guys.

I'm not sure if we can white stripes / black keys it up. We're a hard rock / heavy metal band with prog tendencies. That and bass really does fill out the sound....

UGH. We might have to get a session guy afterall....
Ask the original bassist to fill in for the booked gigs, then let him go. That's pretty standard.

Otherwise why practice more than twice a week? Once is enough for most bands.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Yeah, I'm a little perplexed at why you feel the need to practice that much.
Hire a guy for one night if the show is that important. Four guys each kick in - idunno - maybe $25 or so... voila! Bass player!

If you have good songs that are well-performed and well-presented, it shouldn't be that difficult to find a player. They're out there. They are just choosing who they are going to play with, and so far, that isn't you.

You have to get them to choose you. How? Great songs. Solid musicianship. Promise of regular gigs. Money. You don't need all of those things, but if you have a combination of some of those things, there will be people who will play with you. But you need to convince them that you are offering some of those things.

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