It 6:45 am here and I've just managed to pull an all nighter... By GASsing from midnight till 10 minutes ago. The thing is, the GASsing has helped me solve a few problems and brought up others.

My problem right now: I plan on buying an Orange Thunder 30 in about 3 weeks but I need a cab aswell. Now, the Harley Benton G212 Vintage 30 seems really cool and good for the price but I just found out that a local store is selling a Carvin 4x12 w/ Carvin/Celestion GT12 Speaker for $600 whilst buying the Harley Benton from thomann would be about $350 including shipping and customs. Because of the small price difference and the chance to get a 4x12 I am very intrigued by this opportunity but I want to know how good the speakers are.

There aren't many videos on YouTube of them but luckily the only worthwhile one of them showed them back to back with V30s and they sounded pretty good, in fact, in that video I liked them more than the V30s (I usually love V30s) they just seems brighter and more clear and the guy who demoed them also said that he really likes them. But, I don't want to put my trust in that video alone because the cab weren't mic'd, they were filmed and recorded with a shitty camera.

So that's where you guys come in.
I've only heard good stuff about Carvin in terms of quality and reliability and people seem to love Carvin so that's not a problem but I want to know about the sound of the speakers. Have any of you tried them? Should I get the Harley Benton and save some money or spend a bit more and get a Carvin 4x12?
You're buying an orange amp but not an orange cab? I'm actually thinking about maybe getting an orange cab to go with my Stiletto Ace. But I'll have to look into it more...

I don't actually have any advice for you, except that I personally don't like V30's, so I'd probably go with the other one. Celestion probably has sound clips on their website though, it would be worth a listen. (Though they aren't always good. Like Eminence, which might have good speakers, but all their sound clips sound like poop.)
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check out Avatar cabs. they make custom guitar cabs for REALLY good prices. That way you can get your V30s, a 4 by 12, AND have pretty much the same thing as an orange cab, dimension wise
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^if it's 7 am, he's obvs in europe and avatar isnt a viable option.

Is there a certain reason why you'll need to also get a cab? I would wait until you get the amp, try it out for a few days or a week or whatever, and then decide if you need a cab.

edit: that is if you are still planning on getting the th30 combo like you said you were in a previous thread.
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No, I'm getting the head.

And to answer danjos guitar, orange cab are great but they are extremely expensive compared to others that are practically the same.
I doubt celestion will have sound clips cos its basically a signature Carvin speaker. The other thing is that I'd I didn't like V30s it'd be a no-brainer but unfortunately I do like them
You can find a used Mesa cab with two twelve black shadows in em for pretty cheap.I found one for 200 bucks for my .50 cal....it was'nt beautiful but it does the job.Craigslist.What's Gassing?
^they are expensive but if your willing to shell out the $600 bucks for a cab you HOPE will be good, you could just get an orange 212 PPC cab for about that price and you KNOW it will be good.
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^they are expensive but if your willing to shell out the $600 bucks for a cab you HOPE will be good, you could just get an orange 212 PPC cab for about that price and you KNOW it will be good.

im not willing to shell out $600 on a cab that i hope will be good, im willing to spend that much on an amp that i know will sound good. i just want to know whether the long drive to try it out is worth it.

but anyway, i just found out that thomann also have a Harley Benton G412 Vintage 30 (4x12) thats way $100 cheaper than an Orange PPC212 and the carvin.

The problem is hat its 39kg and thomann raise theire shipping costs significantly after 20kg.

The harley benton g212 is 25kg and the orange ppc212 is 20kg so ill just have to wait and see what the shipping rates are.

does anyone have any idea (i live in israel)?

chances are, i'll get the harley benton but if 5kg extra raises the shipping costs by too much then ill get the orange.
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