I don't know how you guys would take it, but I am going to try and find a way to sing this:

Any and all criticism is welcome!

Love In Bed

Sunburns didn't matter, and neither did moonshine,

As the lady of the house did cover him in white,

Preparations for bed, and the afterwards.

And when the morning would come,

They would lie together,

Silent in orgasmic synchronisation,

But for now, they will move (in synchronisation)

With an up down, up down up down,

And a round round, round round round round

coupled with a few moans (and sweaty groans)

And a few sad sounds shall emerge here and there,

As sex shall be the act of the night,

And a new verse to line the music being played

softly, like a coda to the opening act.

But we're in the middle,

where thrusts and words matter,

More than a mix of beats and love's banter,

And grammar shall take on a new meaning,

And the mood shall be decidedly vaudeville,

With burlesque as a little entree,

And me thrust and you moan smacker.


Falling down on bed they saw,

See-saws and up-down jaw,

No criticisms escaped their heads,

Tonight was dedicated to love in bed.