I've been playing guitar for 2 and a half years now and I have saved up to buy a 3rd. So far my first two guitars (Hamer XT Vector and Schecter Hellraiser C-7 Special) have had a string-thru body and I have been wondering about trems.
I've looked at two guitars with a Floyd Rose 1000 series Original.



Both are apparently good quality guitars that I have found. But I have people saying Floyds are not worth the trouble?

I know this has probably been posted quite a few times before but I could really use some help from Floyd Rose experts.

If i do change my mind and do not think a Floyd is worth it then i will probably get this:


I am also open to other guitar suggestions but try to keep it under $1000 AUS

Just a note: my music store does not have these guitars but has lesser quality models for beginners, also i am buying these over the net from USA for a couple reasons.
1. Guitars in Australia cost at least $500 more where i live.
2. I'm a lefty so they add another $500 onto the guitar.

Thanks if you can help
FR trems aren't that much work, so long as you understand what you're getting into. by that I mean its very important to understand how a FR trem works, how to maintain it and what the limitations are. if you understand that, there's no reason it should cause excessive grief.

also, I would pass on the BC's. they're not great for the money. a deluxe series LTD (like the other guitar you listed) would be better
Firstly, Floyd Rose trems are very good, and as long as you do some basic maintenance and understand how it works you won't have any issues. Secondly do not get a BC Rich ever, but instead an Ibanez or LTD.
the biggest thing you need to know when thinking about buying a floyd rose equipped guitar is that you can't change tunings very easily. so if you use a lot of different tunings either make sure you have another guitar, or you probably should pass on the floyd rose.
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FR trems are good, if you want to get one I say go for it. I have a FR guitar but I ended up blocking the trem off after a couple years but if you want one for the style you play then go for it. Just make sure you know what you're doing when you start working on it
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FR are great when you have other guitars for alternate tunings. But in my opinion schaller is better since it just takes 1 screw to be tightened to change it to hard tail. Only downside is unlike a well setup floyd the schallers have the issue of coming out of tune with bends though dropping the bar fixes it.
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the thing about floyds is to not have a cheap one without a hardened knife edge. thats where you run into trouble.
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+1 on FR, LTD

I should mention that I cannot find an LTD with a floyd that is of high quality. The only ones with floyds are lesser models (200 series) with licensed floyd roses and specials
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Firstly, Floyd Rose trems are very good, and as long as you do some basic maintenance and understand how it works you won't have any issues. Secondly do not get a BC Rich ever, but instead an Ibanez or LTD.

why would you say never get a BC Rich, please tell me
To be honest the bc rich guitars you were looking at would be of alright quality, i just dont see you using the floyd so much

And also buying a floyd rose guitar without trying one might be.. a bit of a problem when you actually get around to playing your new beast. Its gonna feel really different on your palm compared to the ol' stoptail your used to, and might be easily adapted to, or might not. Who knows?

I just dont think the trem will come into much use, unless your covering loads of satch it isn't gonna come around too often.

The ec-1000 is a solid guitar for metal, and has all the traditional bells and whistles which make it a good quality instrument. I haven't really seen people buy one disappointed. Unless you want a jazz box and ended up buying one of these by accident

Thing is though, what do you want out of your third guitar? Theres no point buying a guitar just for the sake of it cause its a bit 'different' a.k.a its got a feature which you might hate when you actually sit down and play it.
Just a note, i have come across a Schecter Hellraiser c-1 with an original floyd and EMG 81/89 with coil tapping. Is this probably better than the other choices?
If its for a good price then go for it man, I have a Schecter and I love it.

TheAmericanLow says dont get a B.C. Rich because he probably enjoys jumping on hate bandwagons. B.C. Rich guitars do not get any support around here due to the Class Axe era where they made a lot of bad guitars. Most of the people hating on B.C. Rich usually do because that is the "cool" thing to do. If I had to choose between a BC Rich Warlock Metal Master and a Ibanez RG5EX1 or a Art 100 *which ive had all three* I would go with the warlock. The wood may not be as good as at least they put some effort into the fretwork and the pickups are half decent.