Hey guys im sorta new to the guitar wiring and looking to make my own *blackstrat* in a way but add my own things. I have a guitar which iv had looked at some say its a westone others say it is sometime else but it is from the 70s i have a humbucker and two single coils with one volume and 2 tone knobs. there is also a 3 way switch and a separate 2 way switch. I couldn't find a wiring diagram to match it or at least i dont know what it is called. My goal is to have a similar sound to David Gilmour and a blues sound. anyone have and ideas or can help me with a wiring diagram? Thank you very much for your time (Invalid img)
www.guitarelectronics.com they are great and 99% are free to look up.
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thanks for the sites but i looked at these and the only ones i saw were 5 way switch. Is mine just a 5 way switch thats cut down to two switches?